Dreams are wishes that your heart make,
My heart wished to spread smiles,
I dreamt to be the voice that reach miles,
Empower you with my words,
Touch your soul with music,
On your request play your moments,
Pause the memories for you to linger,
Stop the pain and be your healer,
Rewind the happiness and help you relive,
Absorb your tears and motivate you in life,
Radio is my passion, my show is to inspire,
My voice is to motivate and my audience is my strength
With early rays of sunshine,
5 days of week I will keep knocking at your heart,
Cos your heart is just a beatbox for the song of your life,
So lets together keep on dwelling in this dream,
Cos we are the music makers and dreamers of dreams
And I am your RJ Shazia Khan only cos u made me one…..!!
Love and Peace for Everyone !!